Lawn Mowing, Mulch Replacement, Trimming of Bushes.

Let’s Work Together, GROW.CUT.REPEAT.

Lawn Mowing

We would like us to be able to give the grass a good maintenance since if we cut it every two weeks or weekly, it will grow in a healthy way and will keep pests away from your garden. We have the right tools to keep your grass at the right height and so you and your families can play safely. We also have weekly or fortnightly services, depending on you, so we will cut the grass or if you prefer, we will do it whenever you want. let's see that it is necessary to cut it

Planting Flowers

This is the right time to add mulch, add flowers and shrubs for your garden. It is required so your garden is kept in a healthy and pleasant way, for everyone, gree is always better. We can plant the flowers that you like, we can only look for them for you or buy them and plant them, so we will do the work while you enjoy the afternoon, call us or visit the photo gallery where you can look and tell us what you want us to do in your garden .

Yard Clean-up

Plants and Bushes Plants give color to the garden Flowers and other plants make your garden colorful and an amazing place to stay around when its spring and early summer. If you have many branches or leaves in your garden that are many years old and you want to clean them, we are here to do the job since keeping the branches and leaves dry causes snakes to look for a way to stay there because it stays cool and humid, call us for make a budget and do a good job for your garden see below our photos.

Leaf Removal

Leaf clean-Up Leaves damage your grass We recommend that every end of the year, the leaves of the trees are cleaned. They damage the growth of your grass, the plants can die. If there are too many, the grass dies and we have to replant more seeds. We recommend that you clean leaves every year.

Power Washing

Do you want to keep the terrace or parts of your parking lot clean, don't wait any longer, we can help you with that, we have the safe way to remove all the dirt and dust that sticks during the time the leaves fall and due to frequent rains, and stains from greenish color that is produced by the amount of water that becomes stains over time but we are here to wash all that for you call us and we will give you a good price.


If you want to have a beautiful grass that is green and healthy to be free of pests, we can help you. We have the right tools and the knowledge of experience to know when your grass needs help to be healthy. If you want us to apply adequate fertilizers so as not to harm to your pasture call us and we will do a review at no cost to you.

Mulch Replacement

Refreshes you Garden Improvement in your garden Do you want your garden to be Healthy? Mulch can be used to help give color to your garden and keep your plants healthy. Usually mulch is placed near the start of spring, and its able to plant any plant you like, for example mulch can keep flowers and tree healthy.

Trimming of Bushes

The maintenance of the bushes is very necessary in many ways that when they are large maced without trimming frequently, it can serve as a sight for snakes and that is very dangerous, so call us to trim the bushes frequently and call us. Since we will do that for you every month or two months would be the ideal way, remember we are attentive to keep your garden clean and safe to enjoy a beautiful sunset,

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